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Two clinical researches have been going on in Okayama Univ. on the application of RDI and SSP since last year.  The very researcher has been amazed to witness the new findings, not just the results of the application but its broad implications. Way to go :-)  Please keep posted on this NEWS UPDATE regarding the research papers coming up soon.





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What is Dyslexia? Let's listen to Dr Minson talking about Dyslexia by clicking this site, 'Reducing the Pain of Dyslexia.' 


You can see one example of how Dyslexia improved in 6 months by clicking the file below.


You can also view how Dysgraphia (Japanese Characters) changed after 1 year with the Forbrain and iLs Program in the following photos.


Through today to Feb. 14, you can experience an iLs Focus Systems therapy with 30% off in 50-minute session. Or you can even try Voice-Pro, if you wish.  Initial consultation with provisional assessment or simple consultation sessions will be available with the same spirit during these 30 days.  Send your inquiry from here.


You can see how one 6 year old improved his letter writing and spacing in 6 months of iLs Focus Systems Therapies!
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<Dysgraphia Work Sample -1>

This 5th grade girl had simply given up writing Japanese Characters at all in the 1st grade.  However, over the summer with the bone-conduction headset Forbrain and more physical exercises in the Chorus group, she started writing Japanese Characters without any prompt to complete schoolwork.   The left is her writing in September after that amazing summer vacation.

<Dysgraphia Work Sample-2>

After 4 month of the iLs Focus Systems program, she's made an amazing shift in her self-regulation, managing her emotional state far better to adapt in the classroom.  She proceeded to practice more complex characters to feel comfortable to finish homework.  Her mom has been in awe with her daughter's whole change, which the mom had never expected for her after witnessing innumerable struggles.