PYC Child Development Laboratory 


Clinical Director: Yasuko Sugawara, M. Ed.


Integrated Listening System (iLs) Associate 


with Certificates 

as an iLs Voice-Pro trainer

as the Safe and Sound Protocol 1st Provider in Japan

as an iLs Autism Specialist 


Certified RDI Consultant


Certified Clinical Psychologist in Japan




Dedicated as a Psychologist/Counselor at a psychiatric clinic for 15+ years to support and help clients get their spirits back 

Worked as a School Counselor in Preschool, Elementary / Middle / High Schools

Successfully collaborated with many families to improve lives of ASD/ADHD clients through 10+ years of work with RDI principles and iLs tools

Functioning as a developmental therapist for preschoolers at a regional family support center (public) in Tokyo

Consulting  with families in Yokohama, Tokyo and Tohoku area 


*Kumagaya Psychiatric Clinic



B.A. in Latin American and Spanish History at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

M. Ed. in Counseling Psychology at Boston University

Teacher Credentials at Middle & High Schools

Educator Certification as School Guidance Counselor in Massachusetts, US (Kindergarten-9th grade)